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Composite products


Aluminium composite sheets or Dibond sheets are laminated sheets that comprise two aluminium cover layers and a polyethylene core. Dibond sheets are generally 0.3 mm thick. The aluminium layers are fused with the core by means of a mechanical and chemical process. This process means that a high level of impact and bending-resistance is achieved.

Because they are both light and stable, composite sheets are popular with architects for use as a construction material. The sheets are corrosion- and weather-resistant, and the polyethylene core allows no liquid to pass through. Aluminium composite sheets are therefore excellently suited to outdoor use. The solid structure of the aluminium composite sheet is easy to process by cutting, sawing or water jet. The width and length are individually customisable. Using routing techniques, the composite sheets can be three-dimensionally reshaped, which means they can be adapted to individual construction projects. The surface is very easy to print on using a screen printing method and it is also used both in trade fair stand construction and for billboards. Aluminium composite sheets are available in various coatings and colours. Coloured coating gives the sheet UV-resistance. Each composite sheet can be customised to the requirements of the customer projects and delivered within a short time.

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Rolled and cast products

We offer many rolled and cast products from stock in various strengths and alloys.


Pressed products

Rods, tubes and cast bolts in various lengths, strengths and alloys – also available at short notice.

Machine building

Sawn parts

We have been producing customised products from aluminium panels for over 30 years. These are manufactured on precision circular saws.


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